Should I Spay or Neuter My Pet?

Every year, millions of unwanted dogs and cats, including puppies and kittens, are euthanized. Spaying and neutering prevent unwanted litters, helps protect against some serious health problems and may reduce behavioral issues.

The procedure has no effect on a pet’s intelligence or ability to learn, play, work, or hunt.

Early spaying of females helps to prevent uterine infections (pyometra), mammary gland tumors/cancer, uterine/ovarian cancer and eliminates messy heat cycles.

In males, we see a decreased risk of developing benign prostatic hyperplasia and testicular cancer. It is especially important to neuter a male with one or both undescended testicles due to an increase in cancer risk and the possibility of spreading the trait to offspring. Behavioral changes include a decrease in marking/spraying, roaming, and aggression.

How old should my pet be to get spayed or neutered?

The age at which a spay or neuter is performed and recommended is evolving. We encourage an open discussion to decide what age is appropriate for your pet.

Aftercare Instructions

You will be given personalized surgical discharge instructions at the time of pick up your pet. However, here is some general aftercare information.

Spaying and Neutering for Feral Cats

We provide spaying and neutering services for feral cats as part of Trap, Neuter, and Release (TNR) initiatives.

We understand that trapping can be unpredictable. If you trap a feral cat, please call us first thing in the morning. We can typically receive the cat the same day to minimize stress. Ear tipping is optional.

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